Getting there

I’m very excited to announce that I’m having my second solo exhibition Getting There, which will be part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival. It will be at the picturesque Ryazanoff Gallery in Albert Park.

Here is a bit more about it:

Getting There is a playful and soulful take on the journey of life. An exhibition created about each of us on our own path, yet all of us being together on the way forward. The Exhibition presents approximately 85 standing spirit bears in single file, each with it’s own unique personality and reason for being on the journey of getting there. A furry celebration of life’s journey – the bears and our own.”

The idea for Getting There came to me after experiencing my own hard times, and being inspired by the Michael Leunig cartoon, “How to Get There”. This exhibition is the product of 2 plus years of work and fine-tuning.

Getting There
11 August – 4 September
Ryazanoff Gallery
117 Bridport Street, Albert Park.

Opening Night
11 August, 6–8pm

I would love to see you, meet you in the fur if you can make it.

For all the details and to rsvp, please go to the Event Listing on my Facebook page.

Getting there

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